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Discover Peace and Power Within You

Workshops & Events

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Fitness series

Yoga Zen Flow

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga Fun Flow (kids)

Chair Yoga

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Candles and Incense for Meditation


Chakra and Healing

Fuel Your Inner Joy

Mandala Therapy

Breathwork with Pranayama

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Relaxing Bedroom


Let Us Let Go

Colour Your Life

Moon Rituals

Vision Boarding

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There’s Something for Everyone

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Promote Wellbeing; ​Promote Inclusion

Healthy, energetic and dynamic life

Educational ​Institutions

Nurture Health & Behaviour; ​Children, Teachers & Parents

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Build your Wealth;

Your Health

Group of young sporty people practicing yoga lesson, Child exercise


Age does not matter;

Flexibility does not matter;

Your weight does not matter, because ​Yoga is meant to be inclusive.

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Pranic Healing

You can Heal.

From stress, relationship issues, ​compulsive disorders, addictions, ​psychic impregnations or physical ​ailments.

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Tarot Reading

Make constructive choices.

Delve into what is in store for you ​and empower yourself to make the ​right decisions.

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Pranyama & ​Meditation

Don’t simply exist. Start living your life to ​the fullest.

Cope with day-to-day challenges with the ​help of regular Pranayama & Meditation ​practices based on ancient techniques ​from holy scriptures

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Numerology ​Report

- 5- Year Numerology Report

-Name and Birth chart analysis

-Pinnacle years

-Karmic lessons

Power number

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Feng Shui

Cleansing, energising, and consecrating ​our work and home space is essential.

Depending on the requirement, we ​incorporate the combination of both the ​principles- Fengshui and Prana, thereby ​suggesting simple recommendations.

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